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It Was An Excellent Non- Violent Communication Workshop

Our second Non- Violent Communication (or NVC) workshop, led by Onorina Magri, introduced how to communicate our needs and make requests of others. Participants enjoyed a lovely morning together. We look forward to hosting another one of these workshops in… Continue Reading →

Mini-Mindfulness Retreat: Change, Transition and Loss

Special focus on Beginnings and Endings: Change, Transition and Loss. Two-hour Saturday practices are offered several times throughout the year. Out next one will be September 28th. These mindful mornings help you to cultivate the ability to connect more fully with what… Continue Reading →

NVC- A Communications Workshop

Learn conflict negotiation skills- Join us for a morning workshop on NVC (Nonviolent Communication) and its usefulness in everyday interactions. NVC was developed by Marshall Rosenberg in the 60’s to provide an empathetic and connecting way of addressing conflict negotiation. It… Continue Reading →

Women’s Group- Can Anger Be A Good Thing?

We are a group of women who meet regularly around various topics relevant to women and being a woman living in Switzerland. Via mindfulness, creative, movement and discussion activities, we explore the many ways to grow and gain support with… Continue Reading →


Women’s Group

Join a group of women to celebrate strengths and gain support for struggles. This week’s Theme is… what demons show up when you stand in your strength? We will explore via mindfulness and creative exercises what they are and how… Continue Reading →

Women’s Group

True belonging doesn’t require you to change who you are. It requires you to be who you are. – Brené Brown Our Women’s Group dives into themes of true belonging. We explore what interferes with our sense of belonging. How… Continue Reading →

Mindful Morning: Mini-Mindfulness Retreat

This “mini retreat” will help you to experience what it feels like to be more present in the moment, while cultivating the ability to observe thoughts without getting tangled up in them. We will build on self-compassion, connection with self… Continue Reading →

Self-Compassion Workshop Recap

Saturday’s workshop was powerful; our participants were authentic, courageous and vulnerable while learning about and discussing what gets in the way of showing ourselves (and others) kindness. Next time, we’ll take the conversation further and delve into a Part 2…. Continue Reading →

Self-Compassion Workshop

Join us for one of our popular Self–Compassion Workshops. Being kinder to ourselves sounds good in theory, but what does self–compassion look like in practice? We will explore concrete ways we can cultivate compassion towards ourselves and others and what might build-up or undermine our… Continue Reading →

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