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We are excited about the wide variety of resources we have been able to offer in our 2018 workshop series. We are now expanding our 2019 resources. In order to be able to financial compensate the different professionals who offer… Continue Reading →

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ELIZABETH FREI Elizabeth Frei is a native English-speaking, American therapist and clinical psychologist working in Biel/Bienne. She is certified by the Federation Suisse des Phychologues (FSP). She received her Ph.D. and Master’s degrees from the University of Central Florida and completed… Continue Reading →

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PATRICIA VRIESENDORP Patricia is a Dutch, English-speaking psychologist, located in Biel.  She completed her clinical psychology training at Wright State University, School of Professional Psychology, in Ohio and her Post-Doctorate Fellowship at McLean Hospital, part of Harvard Medical School in Boston…. Continue Reading →

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Our mission at C2 is to cultivate a platform to connect, inform and empower non-native residents of Switzerland. We would love to hear about your experiences so that we might offer...

Mindfulness Workshop Recap 2/2/19

We had a great retreat Saturday. Six participants learned ways to hone attention skills with curiosity, compassion and courage. We talked about how it is the mind’s natural state is to wander and how we can teach it to attend… Continue Reading →

Navigating Postpartum Difficulties as an Expat

As most parents know, nothing can truly prepare you for what it will be like to bring a child into the world and be charged with raising that tiny, vulnerable creature into adulthood. After reading a dozen books, endlessly questioning… Continue Reading →

Mindful Eating Workshop on 8 September

Patricia_Mindful Eating Here’s a little more info from Patricia about what you can expect at the workshop and what books inspire her.   Patricia_Mindful Eating    

Childcare Options in Biel/Bienne

  In her newest blog post, Patricia details both short-tern and long-term childcare options that are available in the Biel/Bienne area. Check it out! And please let us know in the comments if there is anything we missed or that… Continue Reading →

“Immigrant” by Rupi Kaur


Moving to a new country is not easy and can challenge even the most thick-skinned adventurer. As a psychologist, mother and weathered survivor of a move abroad, I hope I can offer you a number of tips that will help… Continue Reading →


One of the foundational practices of mindfulness meditation is the “Body Scan”. It was introduced by Jon Kabat-Zinn in the early days of his Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction courses at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. If you haven’t tried it, this link… Continue Reading →


“Trailing spouse”: It’s a term that makes me grimace. The idea that there is one partner in the relationship that trails (by virtue of the word) behind the other. To me, the term “trailing spouse” brings with it a feeling… Continue Reading →

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